Tell Tale Hearts devise and deliver participatory touring theatre productions exclusively for primary children and younger years in schools, theatres and community venues.

Combining installation, performance, music, projection and puppetry we put children at the heart of our highly visual productions. Through a unique mix of creativity and interactivity we aim to give children the opportunity to experience a magical and multi-sensory world of theatre in different environments.

Tell Tale Hearts aims to promote accessibility of theatre to children through devising pieces that appeal to children of mixed ability and cultural background and that can be delivered in different environments. Through exploring new genres in theatre for children, we hope to push the boundaries of what is childrens theatre and how it is perceived.

What they say

"The ideas were wonderful, very engaging for the target group, totally opening up imaginary journeys for little ones."

Ruth Churchill Dower, Earlyarts

"A vibrant, participatory treat for anyone with younger children."

Susan Darlington, Morning Star

"A unique form of interactive theatre for the very young."

Alfred Hickling, The Guardian

A Collaborative Process

Collaboration is integral to Tell Tale Hearts’ work. It is an important means for the artists to make connections, share their ideas/skills and explore the possibilities of exploiting cross art forms.
For a visual theatre show to work fluidly, the distinctions between the different contributing art forms must appear seamless.

Meet the Team