A Tell Tale Hearts theatre show is a fantastic experience for the whole family and one where your child can join in some of the action!

Taking your child to see a theatre show is often a bit of a risk & a huge undertaking (especially with toddlers) and one where you might ask, ‘will it be worth it?’ So, if you are unsure, or just curious, then please take a look at our short video below and see what to expect from a Tell Tale Hearts show.

You can find out when and where shows are taking place by visiting our Facebook Page. By liking us you can follow all our latest developments and get key insights into our creative process.

We know our best shows are the ones that follow you and your child back into your home & will lead to all sorts of play. This is the place for you to find some more ideas of activities to play at home linked to our shows.

For free downloadable activity ideas that link to our previous shows please go to the Activities page in the Schools section.

Photography by Jackie Mellor.


Feedback from Parents

"Thank you for giving us a very special memory that we have shared as a family!"

Participant in family workshop, Stockport Art Gallery

"This was proper theatre - so simple but imaginative and joyous."

Audience member of Inside Out! at the LBT

"Brilliant! Worth waiting a year for!"

Audience member of Wind & the Sun, Just So Festival 2013

"This is something special!"

Audience member of Yummm!

What to expect….