Natasha Holmes – Consultant

As a facilitator I strive to enable the participants I work with, whether children, artists, students or teachers, to stretch their imagination and discover their potential.

I hear so many children who want to be an astronaut, super hero, mermaid or even a dinosaur. Their imagination has not been limited yet by others. The truth is they can be all of those things, so long as those around them don’t limit their imagination. Play is about expanding your imagination and through play we can be anything or anyone we choose to be… if those around us are willing to believe too…

It’s why I believe play is so fundamental to both children’s development and the artistic process. If you can imagine it, and play it, you can be it. There was a time when I was made to feel embarrassed by being silly and playing too much. Now, I know how important it is to nurture play and create the right environment to enable both children and artists to thrive. I have learnt to value play and take it seriously. It is why I use elements of play and creativity in all aspects of my consultancy, whether it is consulting with families for Barnsley’s Cultural Education Partnership or training teachers in India – consultancy should be fun too.

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.” – Mae C. Jemison (Doctor, Scientist, Astronaut)

“Perfect! Sophisticated in its simplicity!” Kate Cross, The Egg, Bath Theatre Royal

I think it is important to have artists on the board of arts organisations (or any organisation for that matter) – it helps to ground other board members and tell it how it is. With this is mind, I am a board member for the award winning organisation Interplay; am on the programming committee for the Early Childhood and Family Festival in Abu Dhabi run by The Bright Start Foundation and was previously on the advisory board of Earlyarts from 2010 – 2015. I am, of course, on the board of Tell Tale Hearts.

If you need help with: playful ways to consult with young children; early years theatre or how to run an artist led theatre company (while also being a mum) please contact me at or mobile: 07803 724529.

If you would like help with creative approaches to the curriculum, or any other school based enquiry please check our schools’ consultancy page here.