A Story for all Seasons

A participatory theatre show on the cyclical nature of the seasons.

A Story For All Seasons was developed in consultation with a group of children from a primary school in Leeds. Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling, the mesmerising installations and engaging puppets are accompanied by an inspirational soundscape designed to excite and involve young audiences.

The participation element of the project brings nature into the heart of the experience as the audience physically journeys through the seasons. This show is a wonderful chance for children to discover the rich tapestry of nature together with their teachers and carers as they reach for a rainbow, jump on stepping stones and follow the journey of the ugly duckling through the magical transformation of nature.

A Story for all Seasons toured nationally throughout 2005 – 2006 and again in 2008, it was showcased as part of Arts Council England, Yorkshire’s launch event to demonstrate best practice in theatre for early years in 2006.

An outstanding example of what can be achieved when artistic and educational aims are intrinsically linked in the development of a piece of theatre. The piece is well suited to infant schools, nurseries and community settings and will raise the spirits of everyone who is lucky enough to experience it. We are pleased to recommend this piece without reservation.

Wes Lawrance, Manager, N. E. Lincolnshire Council’s Music and Performing Arts Service 2005

Show Credits

Director: Natasha Holmes
Sound Designer: Michael Szpakowski
Designer: Sophia Lovell Smith
Technical Producer: Lars Jensen
Performers/Puppeteers: Nichola Jennings/Luke Dickson/Pavla Beier

Show Info

A 45 minute highly interactive performance.

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