Photos by Gavin Joynt

Photos by Gavin Joynt

Photos by Gavin Joynt



The Bluebird - A Quest for Happiness

Join Mirtel, a Seer, and her tree spirit, Micky, on their quest to find the elusive bluebird and help unlock its mystery…

Inspired by Maeterlinck’s Bluebird, this show raises important philosophical questions for
children & adults within a compelling, interactive quest adventure. What is the bluebird
and where could it be hiding? In the Land of Memory, the Future, the Land of Luxury
or has it flown to the Land of Night? Or have we simply lost the ability to see or hear it?
The audience need to discover their own answers helped by plenty of theatrical magic.

Suitable for families & children aged 6 years + and perfect to support children’s wellbeing.

Audience Feedback

"I found the story very poignant, so many messages for people of all ages in there… and then the kid’s joyful reaction at the front. Their excitement and understanding was incredible to watch."

Erin Braithwaite, Performing Arts Lead, Outwood Academy Trust

"The bluebird is like a memory you feel in your heart."

Grimm & Co, audience member

"The longest rollercoaster ever invented."

Millhouse Primary School

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Meet The Makers

Human beings are very odd. Since the death of fairies, they see nothing at all and they never suspect (what’s hidden)…Luckily, I always carry with me all that is wanted to give new light to dimmed eyes…

Fairy Berylune
The Blue Bird, Maurice Maeterlinck

Show Credits

Dramaturg/Mentor: Anthony Haddon
Writer/Director: Natasha Holmes
Performer: Natasha Holmes or Lisa Difford
Design: Rebecca Constable
Music: Eugene Skeef
Shadow Puppets: Lisa Difford / Cara Looij
Puppets: Kathleen Yore
Devising/Puppetry support: Naomi Rothwell
Lighting: Jack Holdsworth-Lofts
Photography: Gavin Joynt
R & D Film: Richard Swainson
Meet the Makers Film/Trailer: Jake Barrett
Illustration & Digital Animation: Fabric Lenny

With the creative input from children:

Class 4C, Millhouse Primary School
Participants from Grimm & Co Bluebird workshops held at Clifton Park Museum, Rotherham

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