The Wind & the Sun

The wind and the sun is an exciting and thrilling two person outdoor circus theatre show based on the original fable by Aesop that celebrates the good old British weather!

Two rival siblings battle the elements in a competition to prove their strength. This turbulent struggle of Sun ‘vs’ Wind heats up with audience participation in true street style with crowds vowing for their favourite character to out shine the other! There is also a chance for children in the audience to get involved by creating the different weather conditions needed for the show because, as we know, you can’t always trust the British weather!

This bright and colourful spectacle integrates juggling, manipulation skills and acrobatics into a simple & imaginative narrative that will delight audiences from 2 to 92 years!

Created by Tell Tale Hearts and Serious Mischief Theatre company (formerly In-Situ Circus Theatre)

Audience Feedback

"It was a great show and our audience clearly loved it!"

Laura Keating, RSC

"Left me with a warm feeling inside."

Liz O'Neil, Z-Arts

"Brilliant! Worth waiting a year for!"

Audience member, Just So Festival 2014

Serious Mischief Theatre Company

Serious Mischief Theatre Company was founded by Jake England-Johns.

His theatre weaves both the serious and the playful to create work with a twinkle in it’s eye. In his latest collaboration with Lucy Spielberg (Lucy Lost-it) the duo draw on their skills in physical theatre, circus and children’s entertainment to bring you this charming outdoor theatre show. It looks like some serious mischief is afoot! The Wind and the Sun was their fi rst co-production with Tell TaleHearts originally under the name of In Situ Circus Theatre.

Weather is a great metaphor for life – sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella.

Terri Guillemets

Show Credits

Director: Natasha Holmes
Gusto: Jake England Johns
Sunshine: Lucy Spielberg
Costume Designer: Lowri Allen
Design: Robinia Farnaby & Natasha Holmes in consultation with Serious Mischief Theatre Company
Photography: Gavin Joynt
Comissioned by: Wild Rumpus & Supported by The Civic, Barnsley

Show Info

Available for festivals, street theatre and other outdoor events.
Suitable for ages 2 to 92!
The show can be performed up to a maximum of 3 shows/day and lasts approx 35 mins with an additional 5 mins pre-show: audience gatherer. The show requires a clear floor at outdoor performance area of approx 10m x 8m and can be performed on both grass and concrete, but please note it is not suited to cobbled paving.
The company provide their own PA system, but require 2 x domestic plug sockets to run the show. Further technical information can be provided upon request.

Facebook: Serious Mischief Theatre Company
Twitter:@ mischiefsafoot

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