Beneath The Waves

An aquatic adventure where you can help…

…moor the boats, unload the fish, climb aboard, hoist the sails and finally set off on a magical sea voyage where sea life emerges from the strangest of places! For this is no ordinary boat, and these are no ordinary sailors, a mystical sea shanty is sung as you leave port, and soon you will journey beneath the waves!

Accompanied by live music and composed soundscape this wonderful production from Tell Tale Hearts also incorporates video animation and projection into a beautifully designed show which brings the magic of the underwater world to your fingertips!

The production toured the UK from 2007 – 2008.

My two year old daughter Iris really enjoyed your beautiful play at 3.30pm at Eureka. She has not stopped talking about Molly and wanted to make a fimo model of a mermaid when we got home. She had wanted to dress up as a mermaid to wear on the train to Halifax that day too. You were all excellent and we were both spellbound, best wishes to you all.

– Rebecca & Iris Palmer

Show Credits

Director/Writer: Natasha Holmes
Video Artist/Composer: Michael Szpakowski
Designer & Maker: Sophia Lovell Smith
Design Assistant: Jo McFarlane
Lighting Design/Set Construction: Lars Jensen
Performers: Katie Matthews, Simone Lewis, Louise Clark

Show Info

For 3 to 7 year olds and their families.

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