From Here to There

A show that’s all about ‘building’ bridges! That’s full of the joy of building and knocking down, climbing over and crawling under, of hiding, of surprising and peek-a-boo! A show to make you smile! A smile is a bridge from ear to ear!

Using gentle percussive music, objects and the world of the imagination, two quite independent individuals discover ways to find and reach each other.

Looking at the dynamics of how young children play both alone and together this production brings to life some of the humour, pathos and ridiculousness of bridging two separate worlds with all the problems and hiccups that entails.

Performances are followed by a ‘freeplay’ session to enable the children to explore some of the materials & elements from the show.

This show is currently being performed in Rep by Imagination Stage (USA), and toured the UK & internationally from 2010 – 2012 including Spain & India.

The ideas were wonderful, very engaging for the target group, totally opening up imaginary journeys for little ones.

Ruth Churchill Dower – ‘Earlyarts’

Show Credits

Director/Writer: Natasha Holmes
Designer: Jo MacFarlane
Lighting Design/Production management: Lars Jensen
Original Performers: Simone Lewis and Noel Byrne
Live Musician/Composer: Alice Cade
Photography: Gavin Joynt

Show Info

Created in collaboration with The Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield.
For children aged from 18 months – 4 years.

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