Space Hoppers

A participatory inter-planetary adventure!

Strap on your space suit and float up to the stars; your space odyssey has begun! Defying gravity we hold on tightly to the billowing tail of a hurtling comet. Together, we steer deeper and deeper into the glittering night on our galactic journey.

Touch, tease and tickle the floating gases into shape as you help bring a new planet to life! The silence of space is broken by a symphony of stars chiming a note of welcome.

A promenade style performance for 3-7 year olds combining beautifully designed installations, performance, puppetry, live music and now poetry to create a magical experience for young children and their families.

Space Hoppers toured: Autumn 2008 – Summer 2010

Look, oh loooooook, high up in the sky.
Here comes a comet flying by.
On a bike you can pedal, on a ship you can sail,
But we like to travel on a comet’s tail….

Jan Jeans, poet & writer: Space Hoppers

Show Credits

Director/Writer: Natasha Holmes
Writer – Poetry/Lyrics: Jan Jeans
Design: Sophia Lovell Smith
Music/Composer: Michael Szpakowski
Lighting & Production: Lars Jensen
Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Louise Clark

Show Info

A 45 minute highly interactive performance.

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